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Thanksgiving Wishes:- Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in United States and Canada. The day is celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessings of the crop and of the preceding year. The festival is celebrated on 04th Thursday of November in USA and on 2nd October in Canada. On this day people gathered and sit around a table. After that they enjoy with friends and family by playing Thanksgiving Day Games. Usually they cook turkey because it is tradition of this special occasion of Thanksgiving Day. Below we share a unique collection of Thanksgiving Wishes, Funny Thanksgiivng Wishes to share with your families.

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Thanksgiving Wishes:- Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday celebrated in United States and Canada. The day is celebrated as a day of giving thanks for the blessings of the crop and of the preceding year. The festival is celebrated on 04th Thursday of November in USA and on 2nd October in Canada. On this day people gathered and sit around a table. After that they enjoy with friends and family by playing Thanksgiving Day Games. Usually they cook turkey because it is tradition of this special occasion of Thanksgiving Day. Below we share a unique collection of Thanksgiving Wishes, Funny Thanksgiivng Wishes to share with your families.

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Evelyn Hung

Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

Located in the North West of Singapore, it is the most futuristic reserve in the whole of Asia. It is the only gazetted reserve in Singapore. It also serves as a global importance menu because it is a major point for migratory birds. It is spread across 130 acres of land and it gained fame only in the year 1986. The unusual part of this Reserve is that it has the highest variety of bird species that are not only from Singapore but also from Siberia.

During high tides and low tides, you will see a lot of crabs and mudskippers around here.  It is a great area for fishing as the fishes are in abundance here. The diverse set of birds can be seen feeding from the Flora and the Fauna. There are several observatory heights where visitors can sit quietly and look at the birds flying around in the tranquillity. Occasionally, you will also get to see crocodiles. The Reserve also engages in some educational programmes if you are interested. You have to dedicate an entire day to experience this Reserve as it is fairly a very big wetland and it will take you some time to cover the entire area. The Wetland Reserve is full of rich diversity.  The Reserve also features extensive mangroves.  You can also trek your way through this natural jewel and its many trades. While trekking you may come across shell fish, water snakes, spiders, monitor lizards. Bask in the beauty of the birds of this habitat like the Herons and Kingfishers.   

Singapore has a good network of roads and is very well connected. This makes traveling completely hassle free and convenient. If you are looking forward to visit all of the above places then I recommend you to travel by bus as not only will it save you some money but also time. Check out redbus for quick ticket booking and awesome discounts!!

Public Bus No. 925 will take you to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.

Fort Siloso

Located far off on the island of Sentosa it is the only fort in the coastal areas that has been preserved till date. Constructed in the year 1880, the primary motive of this Fort was to stop intruders entering the country from the sea. A notable fact of this Fort is that the guns placed on this Fort were turned inwards and the Japanese invaded the land in World War II. Admission to this Fort is completely free. The Fort opens its doors at 10:00 am in the morning and closes at 6:00 pm in the evening – seven days a week. The word Siloso has been derived from the Sanskrit word Sila, which means ‘RAW’. It was named Siloso as a huge rock was present on the Singapore harbour, which was considered to be dangerous for shipping. It was in the later years that Mount Siloso’s top was blown off to flatten it and make way for the installation of a platform.

Public Bus Nos. Sentosa Bus 1 and 2 will take you to Fort Siloso.
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Beti Pk

It is quite obvious and common with the girls that they sacrifice their life more than a man in the relationship of marriage. Men believe that it is him who sacrifice a lot. He has to come home on time, bears his wife's and children's expenses. In this way, he thinks that he sacrifices his independence after marriage. But the truth is, a woman's life turned upside down after marriage. She sacrifices her whole life for her husband and children.

Now a days girls are getting an education more than a man, she reaches to the level of higher education and many of them are able to stand on their feet. But they have to sacrifice their career in the name of marriage. Here man thinks to keep her wife at home, he doesn't allow her to do any job after marriage. A girl always gives priority to her home and sacrifices her career.

Marriage is a relationship where both partners have to sacrifice their independence, but in case of a girl, she is restricted by her man to do the things he likes. A girl is soft nature and she feels happy in sacrificing to see her man happy. Not only this after giving birth, her appearance extremely changes. It is a big sacrifice from a girl to tolerate numerous changes in her to raise her child. She has to discontinue her carefree life, sacrifices her goals and time for her family.

Any girls who lives with her family from the time of her birth and just post the wedding day, she has to start living like her in laws, following their traditions and restrictions. She makes efforts and try her best to keep her in laws happy. A girl fantasies her life and has dreams about it, any of the girls might get that sort of life, most of them accept the truth and starts live with lots of responsibilities. She has two movies in totally different and new environment.

A girls social responsibility is home and a man's responsibility is to earn and manage the matters of outside home, we live in such kind of society. Families are also demands a girl who is perfect in every way. has several matrimony profiles , you can search for a life partner here, it is a marriage bureau running successfully in big cities in Pakistan like Marriage bureau in Karachi, marriage bureau in Lahore.

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An impeccable digital marketing can proffer the maximum conversion, optimal lead generation, and a power-packed social media presence. But, not every digital marketing campaign can reach up to the desired standard of impeccability. It entails a lot of digital marketing efforts to reap optimum benefits and sans a strong website making strategy it's impossible to succeed. As per the best web design companies inthe United States, website development, and organic search performance are intrinsically interlinked. They say the website design ought to have a discernible effect on a website's ability to rank well for the relevant terms. And in order to empower the ability of a website, it is essential to strengthen the SEO strategies of your company. Here in the following snippet, we have dug out some of the most effective strategies to ensure that your web design and search engine are done impeccably. Read further to know more –

  • Keep a tab on your usability factors:-

If your website does not show up on the very first page of search engine, then there is a huge chance that your target audiences will abandon your page almost in an instant. To increase the visibility of your website, it's imperative that you invest ample efforts and time on improving your SEOstrategies. This is the best way to ensure customer satisfaction and also insist them to keep coming back to your site. After all, more users can be equated to more advertisers and more advertisers will equal more profits. What this actually implies on a practical level is that search engine will reward the websites that can offer a seamless experience to the users. It goes without saying the poor usability can translate to a thwarting user-experience with the search engine. A great usability can translate to an impeccable user-experience with both the website and search engine included in the final results.

  • Attractive design for content discoverability:-

For the web content to be successfully crawled and indexed by search engine, it requires being discoverable. Despite holding a lot of capacity, search engines are restricted to discovering web content through different links. If the proper links to your web content do not exist or if they are broken or buried, your content won't be discernible, and resultantly, your website's page ranking will never improve. From a developer's perspective, your prime motto should be to create a site's architecture, which is intuitive for the users to engage with, while your aim from anSEO perspective is to produce an architecture that can enable the pages to distribute internal links judiciously. According to the best web development services in the USA, you should prioritize your most important content high up in the architecture, that will include premium product or service categories, which would map directly to your priority keyword theme. From there, the subcategories and individual service or product page should be churned out.

  • Redesign your website with utmost vigilance:-

The re-development of your website can be extremely challenging, as it can be a dangerous time for the search engine value of a site. Make sure to crawl your website to come up with a clear view of the prevailing site prior to embarking on the re-development procedure. Comb through all of your web content to ensure that none of them is left unnoticed or undone in the redesign process. If required, then hire a reliable web design company, that can change the URL structure to do a redirect map and have redirects when the new website goes live.

  • To sum up:-

Due to the smattering of in-depth knowledge regarding website design and search engine optimization, you might be feeling a tad overwhelmed while reading the above-mentioned excerpt. Well, worry not! If you are skeptical about your own skills or knowledge, then opt for the reliable web development services to boost your website's ranking and take it to the next level.


Bali adalah tempat yang dipenuhi dengan budaya yang sangat kaya, dimana orang Bali merayakan banyak festival dan juga acara. Beberapa festival mereka ditandai pada kalender Bali dan selalu dirayakan setiap tahunnya. Lapangan Puputan di Renon, Denpasar adalah tempat di mana Anda bisa menyaksikan parade yang mengesankan. Jika Anda adalah seorang pecinta seni, Anda tidak boleh melewatkan pentas seni yang dilaksanakan sepanjang minggu di Pusat Seni Denpasar.

Pemerintah Provinsi di sini adalah tuan rumah bagi banyak festival yang membuat akan membuat pengalaman Anda di sini menjadi lebih menyenangkan dan mengesankan. Festival ini memainkan peran besar di tempat wisata Bali.

Saran Perjalanan: Bus adalah moda transportasi yang hemat biaya di seluruh Indonesia. Pesan tiket bus secara online dari redbus dan lakukanlah perjalanan dengan nyaman ke tempat tujuan yang Anda inginkan untuk menikmati festival atau acara Indonesia yang sangat indah. Pilihlah dari berbagai bus yang tersedia di situs dan pilihlah bus yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan Anda.

Festival Kesenian Bali: Festival Seni Bali tahunan ini berlangsung dari hari Sabtu minggu kedua Bulan Juni sampai Sabtu minggu kedua Bulan Juli setiap tahunnya. Orang-orang juga bisa menyaksikan parade mewah yang biasanya digelar di Lapangan Puputan di Renon, Denpasar. Anda juga bisa menyaksikan jadwal pertunjukan seni yang berlangsung sepanjang minggu di Pusat Kesenian Denpasar. Pertunjukan-pertunjukan ini benar-benar menjadi sebuah penyegaran budaya bagi para wisatawan yang berada di Bali sampai pertengahan Bulan Juli karena keunikannya dan keindahannya. Festival ini dirayakan sampai akhir bulan dan inilah saat yang tepat untuk menyaksikan beberapa kesenian yang dilakukan bersama oleh masyarakat setempat. Tidak hanya itu, festival ini juga menyajikan berbagai karya seni dan prestasi komite budaya dari pulau-pulau lain di Indonesia bagi para wisatawan yang datang berkunjung. Pada festival ini, Pusat Seni Denpasar menjadi salah satu tempat terbaik untuk sekedar mengagumi patung-patung indah yang bertema arsitektur tradisional Bali. Tempat ini juga berfungsi sebagai lokasi yang sempurna untuk mengabadikan momen Anda dengan banyaknya hiasan daun kelapa yang indah dan spanduk-spanduk.

Festival Layang-Layang Bali: Festival ini adalah perayaan tahunan yang menggambarkan salah satu ikon budaya Bali yaitu layang-layang tradisional Bali. Festival ini adalah pesta tahunan yang berfungsi sebagai upaya pemulihan sebuah bentuk seni, yang diantisipasi oleh masyarakat internasional dan telah melibatkan kelompok layang-layang desa dari seluruh penjuru pulau yang ikut serta dalam menampilkan kreasi tradisional raksasa mereka serta desain kontemporer dengan beragam bentuk yang sangat menarik. Beberapa tim  yang terbentuk dari total keseluruhan peserta sekitar 70 sampai 80 orang dan layang-layang raksasa dengan warna-warna yang berbeda diterbangkan tinggi di langit, ini merupakan pemandangan yang sangat indah bagi mata dan tidak boleh Anda lewatkan.

Nyepi: Bali merayakan tahun baru sesuai dengan kalender Saka dan perayaan tahun baru ini disebut sebagai Nyepi. Perayaan ini jatuh di hari setelah bulan baru pada bulan kesembilan dan merupakan perayaan tahun baru yang dirayakan dengan cara yang unik, dalam keheningan total dan terasingkan!

Festival Desa Sanur: Festival ini dianggap sebagai salah satu perayaan budaya dan seni termegah di desa ini. Festival tahunan ini diadakan dengan berbagai tema dan festival ini berlangsung selama seminggu penuh dengan berbagai kegiatan yang berkaitan dengan seni, budaya, makanan, olahraga air dan banyak lagi lainnya.

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Alejandro Montelongo

College is a bit strict and that is why most students take it too seriously, but you can still enjoy your time studying if you take it easy but focus on the things you do. The use of the best essay website will take pressure of your studies a bit to help you reorganize yourself.


You are entitled for everything as a student and so you shouldn’t be afraid to go for it. Don’t hesitate when you need something but ask for it. work hard in your studies and when the results don’t reflect your performance, request for a meeting with your professor for a clarification. Professor are glad to see a student who is concerned about their grades and will be happy to explain everything, and correct any mistakes. It’s good to have some back up of evidence when you are challenging outcomes so that everyone can understand where your claim is coming from. In a situation where you don’t understand the processes or steps of tackling your tasks, the professor will always be ready to help.


Simply ask for the assistance and you will be guided, because everyone understands that assignments can be tough, and the only way to benefit from them is when you have a complete guide.

Beti Pk

Marriageis something that is thrive of every individual who is at the age of getting marry, which is in fact natural because once in a life a girl or boy must go through to the phase when he or she needs to get marry. Although, according to rules and regulations in Islam this has been ordered to get marry at an early age. But the new generation arises question that why i get marry so early?. Marriage at an early age give you a lot of benefits in accordance with Islam.

Islam tells us to marry early after the age of puberty when a girl or boy become enough mature to manage the relationship. Islam also ordered us to marry in a simple way but unfortunately we are not following these instructions. Marriage was so simple back in time. Companionship, economic stability, acceptance of society, all was expected from marriage. that was the time when marriages lasted for the lifetime.

Time has changed... struggle of modern marriage... people evolved, but evolution in marriage did no good. To make the most beautiful relation of life, a person and his/ her family survive. Marriage has become complicated and difficult. But why did it happen? Marriage is supposed to be a union of two people and their families. So why modern marriage is so hard? there are some reasons. Marriage in islam has been romanticized to a great extent. Every person looks for emotional attachment with their partner. But they also search  for person's looks, economic stability, societal acceptance and all such kind of traditional factors. By having such a rise in expectations how a person find a life partner with all the required qualities?

Islamties a man a woman in a lifetime relationship - Nikah, and make incomplete human being to be complete. Marriage gives a person an organized enviroment and after getting marry a person have a path to follow, a shoulder to lean on. In short, by making the marriage essential part of muslim's life, marriage actually arranges a person's life.

Marriagesare modern marriages now, so their finding procedures are also become modern. Online finding of rishta is trendy now a days. But having enough fake websites can take you in trouble. We suggest you to rely on, as it is an online muslim matrimony website providing its service almost in every city in Pakistan. Marriage bureau in Karachi, marriage bureau in Islamabad, marriage bureau in Lahore, marriage bureau in Rawalpindi etc. When you will search the marriage bureaus in Pakistan, our marriage bureau would definitely be on the top of the list.

Priya Darshini

A country called India holds a beautiful magnificence and that can be witnessed in an ordinary way, what can be more an effective than an exemplary sunset! Either over the Aravalli Mountain, over a seashore in Goa or any world heritage monument, where the romance of India’s sunsets will support you to create a photo that will perfect the ambience with your distinct one. Do not fail to capture these moments in a camera and travel by using a bus accompanied by your loved ones.

Additionally, be certain to have your camera ready in the course of your bus trip as you proceed to the town the place you would like to witness the sundown. Journey is the best option to chill out and discover. You gain knowledge to admire the fantastic nature and you appreciate small matters corresponding to a view of dawn. If which you could publication online bus tickets from, your job will get less complicated. Drop all hassles and equipment up to experience the magic of nature.

Northern region of India has no dearth of good sundown spots. You may go to the sun-kissed sandy shores, a hilltop or stand on the end of the street to witness the outstanding logic about a sunset.

  1. Sunset @Jaisalmer: it is a lifetime experience to watch the sun go down amidst of the sand dunes. It is nice time to look the silhouette view of the wasteland in Jaisalmer. Tourists after observing the outstanding sunset and be part of the campfires, camel and jeep safaris within the sand dunes. The view of sunset is the perfect experience that any traveller will cherish forever!

  1. Sunset @ Chandigarh:Witness powerful setting of the sun at Sukhna Lake poised at the foothills of Himalayas. Throughout the winters, this lake turns into a sanctuary for individual migratory birds. The sunset right here is fine seen from the tip-factor of the lake.

  2. Sunset @Kashmir: Look at the mesmerising sundown at Dal Lake whilst running alongside the Boulevard Street. The reflection of the sun and its orange rays lit up the waters of the lake. It is surely going to fascinate your senses like never before. Wow!

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Ashishh Gupta
In our everyday complex life we tend to ignore the basic way to keep ourselves fit, but there are several ways, for instance you can join a gym and be a part of a fitness army and before hitting the gym we always come up with the motto to stay fit. It is this same motto that is observed by Gold’s gym.  

Gold’s gym is regarded as one of the benchmark when it comes to gym experience. We have spread our wings across India and immediately it was recognized as one of the Best Gym In India. Gold’s gym is designed with state of the art advanced equipment and in order to enhance your gym experience, we have some of the best trained professionals thus making us one of the best fitness experts in India.

The Most Awards Winning Gym:

Gold’s gym came to India in the year 2002 ever since it grew up in large number. It bagged several awards and recognitions for its excellence and performance. Gold’s gym became the most recognizable brand among the fitness experts. The Gold’s gym in Delhi NCR region bagged lots of award; the Gold’s gym in sector 14 Gurgaon was awarded with presale amongst all Gold’s gym in Gurgaon, was also awarded with best services in India and then bagged the best gym in Delhi NCR in the year 2013. The consistent service, high end facilities and top class training programs proved it to be one of the best gyms.

And thus it also bagged number one position among Top 10 Gyms in Gurgaon. The sector 43 Gold’s gym won some of the best and recognized awards like the best new gym in India in the year 2014 and even bagged the 2nd best gym in the world. TheGold’s gym in Delhi NCR region was awarded with so many accolades that it made itself stand out of the crowd and made as a shining example. What are you waiting for, sign up and get ready to pumped up with one of the best fitness experts in India.

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