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SSC stenographers results 2016: The written examination was held on January 31, 2016,

SSC Stenographer 2015 results: The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has released the results of stenographers (Grade C and D) examination 2016 on its official website. The written examination was held on January 31, 2016, the result of which was annouced in May 27, 2016.

As many as 2,12,823 candidates appeared in the examination, out of which, 4246 candidates were shortlisted for skill test in stenography for the post of Stenographer Grade ‘C’ and 30522 candidates were shortlisted for skill test for the post of Stenographer Grade ‘D’.

Of these, 149 candidates have been selected for Stenographer Grade ‘C’ and 2192 for Stenographer Grade ‘D’.

Steps to check SSC stenographers results 2018 

Visit the official website.On the homepage,  SSC Stenographer Recruitment 2018

click on the link ‘Steno Grade ‘C’ and ‘D’,2016 results′

A new page will open, where you need to further click on the result section

A pdf file will be displayed, showing shotlisted candidates numbers 

Check your name in the list and save it for future reference SSC mts recruitment 2018

For more updates on SSC exams, click here SSC Stenographer 2018

SSC MTS 2017: This time, an admit card was found with the image and name of the Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan.

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has goofed up once more after the the Paper-I (afternoon shift) of the MTS (Non-Technical) Examination, 2017 was leaked on Sunday. This time, an admit card was found with the image and name of the Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan.

The incident is being considered a prank but there has not been any official clarification or comments on the matter. The SSC MTS exam was conducted in Jaipur on April 30 to select junior staff in central government departments.

Read | SSC MTS 2017 Sunday paper leaked, SSC to re-conduct exam again

With the paper being leaked, the SSC will conduct the exam again for those who had appeared in the afternoon shift.

“The re-examination for only those candidates who appeared in this shift will be held in due course and the candidates would be suitably informed accordingly. The inconvenience caused to the candidates is regretted,” the SSC said in a notice. SSC MTS Recruitment 2018

Read | BSSC puts picture of topless actress in Inter Level candidate’s admit card

A  similar incident had occured the Bihar Staff Selection Commission (BSSC) for the General Knowledge paper of the First Inter Level Combined Competitive (PT) exam, 2017. The Commission had issued an admit card with the picture of a naked actress to a candidate with the same first name. The pictures of the admit card had gone viral on the internet, causing the candidate a lot of embarrassment. SSC MTS Admit Card 2018

The Commission is one of the country’s biggest recruiters for government jobs. The recent goof-ups bring to question what the SSC is doing wrong.

For more stories on admit cards and SSC, click here SSC MTS 2018


Frumherji Ltd Reykjavik The Vehicle Inspection and EmissionsTesting Process Case Solution

Case Solution

The Icelandic government outsourced its testing and metrology works in 1997, and in 2008 two organizations went after the greater part of the vehicle emanations testing and review business in Iceland. Frumherji was one of the two. In a physically disengaged island country of a little more than 300,000 occupants, verbal data about client administration could represent the moment of truth a firm in the commercial center. Karl Sigurdssson, Senior Manager of Frumherji's Vehicle Department was looking for approaches to improve client administration, while in the meantime holding the exclusive expectations and trustworthiness that were vital to the organization's proceeded with contractual part with the Icelandic government. He enlisted a specialist to accumulate process information and mention objective facts about client benefit, and was considering how to utilize the data to recognize issues and present arrangements. The case highlights current difficulties for Frumherji, including saw client administration, request variability, holding up times, recording blunders, and worker turnover. It additionally incorporates important data about Iceland's movement designs, the developing business sector for vehicle examination and emanation testing, and government approaches. The case shows a regulated portrayal of the procedure for reviewing and testing private vehicles at Frumherji's biggest station, Hestháls, situated in Reykjavik. Going with data incorporates handling times; reject rates (yield rates as the reverse), hold up times, mistake circles, and issues presented by the clients themselves. Pictures of the office and photographs of the work region at every progression in the process convey a feeling of reality to the depictions

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

1.       What is the total processing time for a typical customer going through all the bases?

2.       What is your assessment of the ratio between non-value-added time and value-added time in the process?

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Spent your very existence functioning and keeping to buy your home, so it's just understandable that you'd need to remain in it. That is where the benefit of care in the home comes in; you are able to stay individually in your own house though receiving help and help as you will need it. Homecare Arizona has many guises - maybe it's help with particular care, supporting you control your home, assisting you economically or supporting you with health care or cultural services. Although living in the home, you might be visited by somebody who can help you with the little things, like getting dressed, washing and bathing. You may be visited by somebody who may help together with your housework or farming, do your searching or your washing, and benefit every other day-to-day tasks. Find online Cheap homecare.

 Some one could produce dinners for you, whether that is prepared dinners, or freezing kinds you are able to hear yourself. Homecare Support Employees are one of the very needed homecare solutions, especially from seniors who may be encountering problem in doing routine day-to-day tasks. This could include particular health and standard help about the home, like, help with cleaning, searching, washing and different various jobs and jobs that sometimes handicap or era is creating issues completing.

As our population ages, medical improvements are permitting many seniors to live longer, bigger lives than ever before. Interesting vacation, new interests, creating friends-your wonderful years could be your opportunity to have all those activities you have been keeping up for. A Scottsdale Homecare partner is somebody who visits a handicapped or aged person in his / her home. Several homecare buddies work for different health care businesses but there are several who volunteer their time. In occasions when constant medical care is necessary, study shows that these individuals who've care offered in their house setting have a higher rate of healing, than these institutionalized within healthcare agencies and organizations.

Consequently, these faced with the responsibility of directing and controlling community Homecare Scottsdale solutions, are advocating the utilization of homecare solutions in a better number and range of cases. When picking a homecare worker, it's expected that you should just contemplate probably the most trusted nurse for the family. When you can't put off choosing a house nurse any longer, how could you guarantee the nurse your pick is the correct one? Just like locating any contractor, the most effective process is always to slow it down in order to thoroughly study your options and make an educated decision. Here are some of the most important things you should think about when choosing a qualified nurse for the liked one.

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As the latest updates are released, we have summed up some RuneScape gold tips for The Depths of Despair OSRS quest. Meanwhile you should take care of the change to Bandos Godsword Buff. Please buy cheap RS gold from us.Study The Depths of Despair Tips firstApart from meeting the requirements of The Depths of Despair (Agility level 18, completion of Client of Kourend & 20% Hosidius House Favour), you should learn the following tips before starting the new quest.

1.When you need to find the entrance of Crabclaw Caves, it's recommended to use Skills Necklace to teleport to Woodcutting guild.

2.When you find the book - The Envoy to Varlamore, you must read it. Or you cannot enter the Crabclaw Caves.

3.In the caves, you had better use the world map to find the correct path, especially when you have low combat level.

4.It's better to take some food for crossing the stepping stones and the upcoming fight with the Sand Snake, when both your Hitpoints and Agility level are low.

5.You can kill the Sand Snake quickly with magical attacks, which is weak to magic.

Win rewards from The Depths of Despair OSRSAfter completing the new quest, you will win 1 Quest point, 1500 Agility XP and the Hosidius favour certificate, which grants 10% Hosidius favor. In addition, you can also win a page for Kharedst's Memoirs - Lunch by the lancalliums, allowing teleportation to Hosidius.

Change Bandos Godsword OSRS buffThe Bandos Godsword as well as the Bandos godsword (or) changes their special attack energy cost again, from 65% to 50%. That means all four variants of godsword consume 50% of the special attack bar from now on show this site.Just remember to buy cheap RS gold and enjoy The Depths of Despair OSRS & its rewards.


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Exit the update 3.1.2 for your action / RPG the Path of Exile to expect on 19 January. The interface will probably be available this new option as "detailed description from the properties." To be precise, it splits into separate properties of Buy Chaos Orb things prefixes and suffixes and shows their levels and possible values (activation with the Alt key).

New helmet enchantment will likely be introduced with the Exchange bodies and Despair. In the league the abyss again be able to show up on Top from the sacrifices and beckoning abyss. Deep worms acquire immunity to knockback. Decrease the maximum array of skills Sentinel relics.

A great number of errors is going to be eliminated. For example, Shakari, Queen of sand stops to obtain stuck inside walls. Totems Summoner Obelisk exactly will probably be deleted. Stone support "Limitless state" will quickly strengthen North armor. You will normally begin to see the Buy Exalted Orb boss arena shack around the map.

A full report on patch 3.1.2 changes is at Market Comments .
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The industry of Information and Technology is now growing rapidly. Now for every work from shopping to booking and from communication to a financial transaction, everything is done by the computer, mobile, and other electronic gadgets easily. The easy all these works became for the general public the easier for the thief too.

The thief in the IT world is known as the hackers. These hackers are damage to our gadgets and work in different ways. They are hacking personal information, bank details etc. They also send spam messages and nullify the bank accounts of the common people. Damage the system by sending viruses etc.

The role of IT Security Consultant is begun from here. The main job of these consultants is to protect the computer, software and the networks of the clients from the different types of cyber attacks. In most of the cases, they are a good hacker and decided to protect the common people from the hackers.

According to the role of the consultant, they are divided into the following category.

Testing the Level:

This type of Cyber Security Consultant is called to analyze the potential vulnerabilities of the cyber attack from any source and after the attackhow much damage or affected the organization by the attack. And lastly, they give suitable suggestion to prevent the attack.

Full phase Consultation:

This type of consulting works starts with a new project and end after completion of the project. This is like a full phase security consulting services offered by the company. The work of consultation involves selection and design of effective antivirus, cryptography, SIEM, and firewalls etc. This security service of cyber attack continues throughout the project.


There is one category security consultant who trained the other security consultant as well as the client themselves too to enable them for the fight against the cyber attack by their own. The training including the identification of the cyber attack and effectively protect them.

Workshops & Seminars:

In this type of security consulting the long-term lecturer & awareness given by the security consultant to participates. This is more like an advertising event of the consultant prior to money making arrangement.

IT & Data Security Auditing:

This category security consultant of cyber attack is the best one. Here the consultant identifies the security gaps, vulnerability area, the capacity of the systems, alertness of the IT system, accuracy & integrity of the system and suggests the solution where the lacuna is.

All categories consultants are good in their respective works so anyone can hire any categories according to the requirement.

BMWFilms Case Solution

Case Solution

Jim McDowell, VP of advertising and promotion at BMW North America, is determining how to catch up with the accomplishment of his most recent advertising battle, "BMWFilms." This campaign includes five short movies for the Internet, coordinated by aa few of the most accomplished executives in Hollywood. By all signs, the nontraditional campaign has been an enormous achievement. Presently the inquiry is,how to achieve an encore? 

Excel Calculations

Questions Covered

1. Was the BMWFilms idea a good one?How successful has the campaign been? 

2. What was the motivation behind the idea? Who was the target market for the BMWFilms campaign? 

3. Describe the typical North American BMW customer. How does BMW’s U.S. customer base compare to that of its competitors? 

4. How healthy is the BMW brand in North America, relative to previous years? What (if any) are the current weaknesses in the BMW brand? What do you make of BMW’s growth strategy?

5. What should McDowell do? Which option should he pick?

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O envelhecimento não só traz sabedoria, mas também linhas finas, rugas e outros problemas estéticos. No passado, a cirurgia era a única opção para homens e mulheres que queriam reduzir os sinais de envelhecimento. No entanto, a tecnologia laser mudou a forma como as pessoas parecem mais jovens.

Você percebe que, à medida que seu corpo envelhece, seu corpo produzirá menos colágeno e causará a quebra da estrutura de sustentação da pele? Fatores ambientais, como a radiação ultravioleta, também podem descolorir a pele e levar a rugas prematuras.

Se você não está satisfeito com sua aparência e quer investigar sua escolha, você precisa considerar a dermoabrasão a Fractional CO2 Laser machine , que é um tratamento poderoso e eficaz.

O tratamento está ferido?

Se você está preocupado com desconforto, entre em contato conosco antes de sua cirurgia e nós podemos fazer sugestões para torná-lo mais confortável.

Quanto tempo leva para recuperar após o tratamento?

O rádio fracionário quase não tem tempo de inatividade. Após o tratamento, pode ocorrer ligeira vermelhidão e calor na pele, e secura pode ocorrer durante vários dias após o tratamento.

Quanto tratamento é necessário?

Dependendo da condição que estamos tratando e da sua saúde pessoal, recomenda-se 3-6 tratamentos.

Quantas vezes é o tratamento da CO2 laser skin resurfacing machine ?

Tratamos a área a cada 4 semanas.

Onde posso tratar?

Podemos tratar a maioria das áreas do corpo.

Você pode tratar mais de uma área?

Como a sua segurança e conforto são a nossa principal prioridade, limitamos a área de tratamento (com base no tamanho do seu rosto) e separamos tratamentos contínuos (como o pescoço) por pelo menos 48 horas.


The first Monday morning of the summer holidays, the sky lumpen - an unscheduled autumn duvet pulled hastily from the cupboard above. Germany Mesut Ozil World Cup Jersey . The roads are quiet with relief, the ruddy trudgers of sandwich-laden picnic-hampers down to a steady trickle along the Great Stone Road.In the separated pens of the Old Trafford nets in the hour before play, the Pakistan players practised. And practised. Azhar Ali, diligently forward, diligently back; the coaching staff, arms folded, nodding approvingly. In and out they alternated, like figures on a weather house, Mohammad Hafeez, Yasir Shah, lined up against the Lancashire academy bowlers sprightly-keen to show what they could do.Behind them, staring at helmets and backsides, trying to identify whose belonged to whom, stood the Monday morning spectators. Not a great number - 6,533 in all - but proper cricket fans these: who else would give up a days holiday in chilly late July to sit in bucket seats to watch the fourth day of a one-sided Test?The nets are funny things, as close as people get to the players, an obscure mini zoo where fans stare while players pretend theyre not there, fans lurk and players reach resolutely for their bats and hope to walk away to the safety of the dressing-room un-manhandled. A rite of passage nonetheless.From the nets, it was just a short journey round the ground to B Stand - just to the left of the media centre, and most pertinently next door to the Pakistan dressing-room. If you couldnt quite see Misbah-ul-Haq reaching out for an idle scratch, you could imagine it: every players jaunt up and down the steps that led to the pitch was wildly cheered.B stand then, a multicultural slice of the kind of English society that cricket often turns up by accident: a good-natured mixture of cold and unpickled British people hunched over packets of cheese and onion in a mixture of cagouls, neat beards, hijabs, a couple of skull caps and a pair of stars-and-stripes sunglasses.On a day slowly meandering along to its inevitable conclusion, the spectators entertained themselves with vuvuzelas and cracker blowers, chatter in Urdu and English, inflatable bananas and that sustaining culinary combination of a soggy 99 followed by a warming coffee.In the prime seats just metres away from the Pakistan dressing-room steps, sat three sisters, Kiran, 21, a pharmacy student, Amina, 18, about to embark on a dentistry course, and Sophia, 15, hair covered in bright hijabs and decorated with Pakistani flag pins.The three sisters had woken at seven oclock and piled into a big van the family had hired for the day. Eight people crammed in, bags full of picnic, over the way from Bolton, Rihanna and Calvin Harris blaring on the radio. They are cricket nuts, all of them, a Pakistan flag hangs outside their house and posters adorn the walls. Theyd brought along a roll of coloured paper with them, and intended to write some thoroughly inspirational posters.We watch Pakistan on TV, but this is the first time weve seen them live, Sophia said. We love their passion. We paid extra for these seats because we knew theyd be just next to the dressing room.She reaches for her sisters phone to show her selfies with the team just as England declare at 173 for 1: time for Pakistan to pull off a surprise win? Were just hoping it doesnt rain.Higher up in B stand were another group of family friends - two of them, Zohaib and Farukh, had driven down from Glasgow with their small sons. A five oclock wake-up and then a four hour drive with no stops. It wasnt great for the rest of them but I didnt want to be late, Zohaib said. Their friend Ali Usmani had come from Bolton too - via 16 years in Pakistan and 20 years in Holland. He and his wife had brought along their son.I tell him to support England, that you should support the country where you are brought up. He loves cricket, his favourites are Shane Warne and Shahid Afridi, but I tell him that education is the first priority.It was a first visit to Old Trafford for the sisters, for the Glaswegians, for Ali too. The first time you hesitate to come, he said, then the way is open. Good news for Lancashire, if there is good news in a Test crowd of six-and-a-half thousand - there is plenty of potential support out there if they can find a way to capitalise on it.As it was, Pakistan crept past their first innings, just. When Misbah played on for 35, the end was nigh, though a final flourish from a blazing Mohammad Amir gave his fans something to cheer about.And from there it was a trudge back to the car, bags empty, legs tired. For England fans, a triumphant afternoon. For Pakistan fans, an ultimately disappointing but potentially uplifting day at the cricket. For the Pakistan team, it is back to the coach and the drawing board - the next two Tests suddenly looming very large. Germany Nils Petersen World Cup Jersey . With the first unit struggling of late and Amir Johnson - one of the teams iron men - hobbling on an injured right ankle, Patterson knew he could get the nod in a challenging matchup against one of the leagues up and coming players at his position. Germany Marvin Plattenhardt World Cup Jersey . Colin Wilson had two goals and an assist, and Mike Fisher scored a goal and helped set up two others in the Predators 6-4 victory over the Red Wings on Monday night. . Rinne played two periods in his first game since left hip surgery in early May. Gabriel Bourque scored 3:07 into the second period and Austin Watson tallied 5:15 later for Nashville. Canberra have taken a punt on journeyman forward Dave Taylor, allowing the former Queensland representative to train with the NRL club.Taylor will take part in the Raiders pre-season program, with the opportunity to play in two trial games.If all goes well, a deal for the 2017 NRL season could be on the table.Its up to David to show if he wants it bad enough, Raiders coach Ricky Stuart said in a statement.But the one-Test players biid for a return to play in Australia could face opposition from the NRL after he last month pleaded guilty to possessing cocaine. Germany 2018 FIFA World Cup Jerseys. .He is due to be sentenced in November.Taylor last played in the NRL with the Gold Coast, leaving in 2015 to play in the English Super League with Catalans Dragons. Cheap Jerseys 2020 Cheap NFL Black Jerseys China NFL Jerseys White Discount NFL Jerseys Stitched NFL Jerseys Cheap Nike NFL JerseysCheap Jerseys 2020 ' ' '
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