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In the process of urbanization, rubbish as a product of urban metabolism was once the burden of urban development, especially construction waste accounted for the majority of urban waste. Looking at the course of development of various countries in the world, many cities have embarrassed the situation of rubbish besieging the city. Human society will inevitably be bound by oneself at the same time. Nowadays, with the transformation of ideas and technological advances, the construction waste industry is considered to be an inexhaustible “urban mineral deposit” with development potential and a “misplaced resource”. Research shows that more than 90% of the construction waste can be used as raw materials for construction materials and reused in urbanization. This is not only the deepening and deepening of people’s understanding of construction waste, but also an inevitable requirement for urban development.

The construction waste crusher industry in China started relatively late, but through the rapid development in recent years and the increasing popularity of the country in environmental protection, China’s construction waste treatment industry has begun to take shape, and the capacity of the waste treatment market has increased significantly. The penetration rate has rapidly increased and the number of companies entering the sanitation industry has also increased rapidly. Now China's construction waste crusher market has entered the growth period from the lead-in period and is rapidly moving towards maturity.

With the environmental protection concept deeply rooted in people's minds, environmental issues have gradually attracted the attention of governments and people of all countries. Energy conservation and environmental protection have gradually become one of the world's development themes. They have begun to provide a broad development opportunity for the construction waste management industry. In the world, billions of tons of garbage are produced each year, and the average annual growth rate of garbage is 8.42%. While the growth rate of garbage in China is more than 10%, it is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. It only generates nearly one billion tons of cities each year. construction rubbish. The cumulative stockpiling of municipal solid waste in China has reached 7 billion tons, of which construction waste accounts for the bulk of this. Under such a huge weight of urban waste, there is reason to believe that the waste processing industry will become the star industry in the future.


Stone is a crucial raw material for the production of reinforced concrete. It is also a relatively widely distributed resource. However, in face of the rapid market growth and long-term and disorderly exploitation, this resource has become exhausted. At the same time, the uncontrolled mining of stone materials has also led to serious soil erosion and large-scale deterioration of ecological landscape in some areas, seriously violating the country. The proposed sustainable development strategy.

On the other hand, a more difficult environmental issue is the disposal of construction waste. In recent years, China's construction waste continues to rise in volume and production, but at the same time it has not been effectively used twice, and the degree of utilization is relatively low. Therefore, whether the waste is not disposed of, or resources are not protected, these issues need to attract the attention and actions of relevant parties. The idea of ​​resource recycling for construction wastes has found a good way out for the disposal of construction waste and lack of resources.

construction waste crusher is a way to convert this waste into a variety of different types and sizes of aggregates for sand and gravel through building waste treatment equipment, and then reuse it as a building material. At present, the annual output of construction waste in China is as high as 1 billion tons, and it is still growing rapidly. If these resources can be reused, not only can they protect resources, maintain the ecological environment, but also create considerable economic and social value.

The reasonable recycling of construction waste is inseparable from the mining machinery and equipment. The mobile construction waste crushing station of SBM Machinery Co., Ltd. can be said to be a convenient and effective equipment for realizing the recycling of construction waste. It is a harmless construction waste. The reduction and resource treatment laid a solid foundation and realized the secondary use of construction waste. As one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the R&D and production of construction waste treatment equipment in China, SBM Machinery focuses on further improving the environmental protection and energy-saving efficiency of construction waste crusher, and at the same time improving the working efficiency of equipment. It has won numerous domestic patent and technology awards. Products are widely used in many major national projects.

The reuse of construction waste resources is an inevitable trend for future development, and construction waste disposal equipment is the foundation. Relying on the country's good policies and publicity, we believe that in the future our lives will be more blue and clearer.


With the old buildings falling down one after another, new high-rises have risen and the urban landscape has changed with each passing day. Behind these phenomena, however, is a scene of a large number of construction waste around the city. "Garbage besieged city, alarm bells ring", construction waste has become a major problem constraining the city's sustainable development. The disposal of garbage has also become a canter for urban managers to go around.

At present, stacking and landfilling are commonly used as construction waste crusher in many areas in China. This is clearly an act of drinking thirst, and it cannot achieve a virtuous circle of construction waste. Therefore, many experts, scholars and people of insight are appealing to society and the government to use scientific methods to realize the resource utilization of construction waste and protect the ecological environment.

The progress of society cannot be separated from the development of equipment. Advanced equipment not only supports the rapid development of urbanization, but also is one of the key conditions for realizing construction waste disposal. Currently widely used in the field of construction waste treatment are fixed construction waste treatment production lines and construction waste crusher, which have different advantages.

The fixed construction waste treatment production line can be flexibly combined with strong adaptability according to the domestic market conditions. Different types of crushing stations have a variety of configurations, users can also choose their own configuration according to their own needs, according to different crushing process requirements composed of "first broken after the screen", can also be composed of "first sieve after the" process, crushing and screening It can also be used alone. The crushing station can be combined into coarse and fine crushing and crushing screening systems according to actual requirements, and can also be combined into coarse, medium and fine crushing and screening systems, and can also be operated independently, with great flexibility.

The mobile crushing station can be divided into two types: tire type and crawler type according to the moving mode. It has the characteristics of strong mobility, and can be used on ordinary roads and in the work area for flexible driving. The entire equipment integrates the whole unit installation, which reduces the material consumption and man-hours consumption, and improves the flexibility of site installation. The materials can be processed on site, which greatly reduces the transportation costs of the materials. The integrated series of mobile crushing stations can be used independently to meet various requirements such as mobile crushing and mobile screening. The operation is effective and the cost can be minimized. The product has been optimized and enhanced to provide higher strength, better performance and a more compact structure.


With the accelerating process of urbanization in China, the production of construction waste crusher, accounting for about two-fifths of urban waste, causing serious environmental pollution. In order to strengthen the management of urban construction waste and protect the city appearance and environmental sanitation, the “Management Regulations for Urban Construction Waste” was promulgated in 2005. This regulation implements the reduction, recycling, harmlessness, and production of construction waste. The principle of disposal responsibility, and encourage the comprehensive utilization of construction waste, encourage construction units, construction units to give priority to the use of comprehensive utilization of construction waste products.For a long time, because of the lack of a unified and comprehensive management method for construction waste and the lack of scientific, effective, and economical disposal technologies, the majority of construction waste has not been properly treated, and it has been transported to open air in the suburbs or simply landfilled to the environment and people. Life has caused great pollution and inconvenience. The utilization of construction waste resources is related to the coordinated development of the urban ecological environment. The comprehensive construction of China's construction waste crusher is a matter of urgency.There is no garbage in the world, only "misplaced resources in the area." Construction waste is also increasingly recognized as renewable resources.The utilization of building rubbish can be used as a road cushion, infrastructure, municipal engineering, etc., and it has good water permeability, does not freeze in water, and does not shrink.The disposal process of construction waste is also relatively simple. Through automated crushing stations for automated sorting, crushing, screening and other processes, swallowed “garbage” is transformed into “renewable resources”, and mobile breaks have unit integration. , The advantage of flexible transport can go directly to the front line of operations, reduce the cost of construction and raw material transportation, save time and effort.In recent years, SBM Heavy Industries has provided complete solutions and advanced complete sets of equipment for a number of construction waste disposal projects in Shandong, Henan, and Guangdong, and has become a contractor for many demonstration projects of construction waste recycling.


The purpose of the mobile crushing station is to use a new type of crushing equipment that eliminates the crushing site and the environment and brings users to the crushing work obstacles on the customer's position. The success of the mobile crushing station has caused the user to solve the problem of urban waste to a large extent, and has a merit. No performance, here, will be detailed analysis of the construction waste crusher, the specific content is as follows:

I. Why is it that urban waste recycling mobile crushing stations have contributed?

At present, the construction industry is developing rapidly, contributing to urban construction and bringing a large amount of urban garbage to people's lives; for a better living environment, the effective utilization of urban garbage recycling resources is a better way to solve construction waste, and it is also inevitable. At the same time, the mobile crusher can do this. It can reprocess the urban waste generated by the construction industry into aggregates, match the sand production equipment, convert the waste into sand for construction, and reduce the number of cities. Garbage is put in again to solve the landfill of urban garbage, reduce environmental pollution, and the city garbage after processing by the mobile crushing station can meet the stones and stones for road construction; therefore, the equipment has an inability to reuse urban garbage. Estimated credit.

Second, mobile crushing station to deal with urban waste what advantages?

1. High mobility and flexibility: The mobile crushing station has a high chassis, a small turning radius, which is conducive to driving on the road, and is more convenient for driving on some bad road crushing sites. It has strong mobility, improves site stationing, and saves time.

2. Save on transportation costs: The mobile crushing station can complete the first on-site crushing of urban garbage, avoid intermediate transportation links, and reduce the material transportation costs to a greater extent. In addition, the mobile crushing station can be used to transport the materials after crushing directly to the site.

3, flexible configuration, direct and effective operation: mobile crusher has an integrated system, can be used independently, but also according to the user's different material types, product requirements, provide flexible process configuration, material crushing, screening and other requirements , reduce production costs while making materials directly and efficiently produce organizations.

Third, mobile crushing station how to process urban waste?

The municipal garbage is uniformly transported to the mobile crushing station crushing machine by a vibrating feeder, and after the preliminary crushing, the vibrating screen is used to constitute a closed system to realize the material circulation crushing, which is in accordance with the finished product granules, the finished product area, and the other Continuous crushing operations, direct guidance in line with the size of materials, fully make urban wastes to complete processing and reuse, and bring high profits to enterprises.


Construction waste treatment equipment A type of sand preparation equipment that mainly deals with construction waste. The main objects of treatment include waste soil, waste concrete components, conical crusher waste bamboo lumber, clay bricks, concrete blocks and other materials.

1. Recycling and reuse of construction waste can help save energy, resources, and protect the environment. It can also solve the problem of shortage of urban garbage dumping sites and invade the cultivated land, and avoid the pollution of groundwater resources caused by dumping and burying of garbage. Therefore, in recent years, some garbage disposal has blossomed.

2. The construction waste crusher equipment is automatic from the crushing, cleaning, feeding and granulation of the material;

3. The construction waste disposal equipment makes full use of the high-pressure conflict uninterrupted heating system, actively produces heat, avoids successive heating, and saves energy and energy;

4. The construction waste disposal equipment selects the split active distribution system to ensure the normal operation of the motor.

5. The construction and waste processing equipment screw barrels are made of imported high-strength high-quality carbon structural steel and are durable;

6. The appearance of the construction waste processing equipment is beautiful and generous.


The construction waste treatment production line is a device specially designed for processing and processing construction waste. It can be divided into fixed construction waste crusher and mobile type, while the mobile type is the current industry using more advanced technology, process technology is superb. The fixed construction waste production line includes feeders, belt conveyors, H-breakers, counter-attack breakers, vibrating screens and other equipment. It has relatively high site requirements and a large area of ​​occupied land. Therefore, in order to make up for the shortcomings of large occupied area, , Our company has developed and produced a more flexible and convenient mobile crushing station equipment. This medium-to-large equipment is a simplified part of the fixed equipment, installed in a set of drive racks, thus forming a mobile construction waste processing line.

After effective disposal of construction waste, there are many new uses, such as processing recycled bricks. There are too many building rubbish in the brick-concrete structure, more than mixed concrete waste, but the ordinary concrete crusher equipment can not effectively break the clay brick, such as smashing, counterattack, cone crushing, because the clay brick absorbs water and has high humidity. And clay bricks have low strength and are not suitable for making coarse aggregates. They can only be made into fractals and used as cementitious materials. So we combine the grinding and recycling mode of fly ash, plus the roller crushing process to form the combined grinding and co-pressing operation mode. This process technology can solve hundreds of millions of tons of brick-concrete construction waste in China, and have the capacity of concrete construction waste crusher, which can be described as “a knowledge of art”.

Through the reuse of construction waste, the amount of construction waste can be effectively reduced and the amount of construction waste can be reduced. At the same time, the use of new materials through waste recycling and reuse is also a double-edged phenomenon. Currently, there are not many investors in the construction waste disposal industry. If you want to get involved, you can contact us. Our professionals will give a warm reply.


Today's construction waste can no longer be called garbage. With construction waste crusher, they are "treasures." Construction waste is now a resource that plays an important role. Previous construction waste can be accused of polluting the environment and occupying the area of ​​use. But now, with the development of the domestic economy, we can make the most reasonable use of construction waste - construction waste processing equipment. The use of construction waste disposal equipment not only reduces our reliance on non-renewable resources, but also reduces the pollution caused by construction waste.

Most of construction waste is solid waste, which is generated during the maintenance and demolition of old buildings. The pollution-free inorganic substances in construction waste account for more than 90%. Inorganic materials have the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, water resistance, chemical stability, and stable physical properties. These properties of construction waste determine that it is treated as a good recycled building material, and wastes with pollutants can be reused as renewable resources.

Of course, although we now have a good way to deal with these construction wastes, we need to reduce the sources of construction waste. Strongly support the establishment of construction waste crusher. Improve the utilization rate of construction waste, and adopt various preferential policies to vigorously develop and promote recycled materials products. However, in our country, most engineering contractors do not want to increase their input in waste management, except for the immediate value of construction waste that is recovered, because the cost of waste management under investigation is significantly higher than the cost of waste disposal as waste. Therefore, we should also increase the disposal costs of construction waste, and encourage more processing companies to provide more preferential policies.


Construction waste is produced along with the development of the city, especially in large and medium-sized cities in China. Due to the dense population of cities, more and more city buildings are being replaced, and a large amount of construction waste has become an intractable problem. The matter, and the government attaches great importance to the disposal of construction waste, and encourage the development of construction waste-related industries.

However, for everyone or manufacturers, more consideration is given to the benefits of construction waste crusher. If the benefits are realized, it is better to bring greater social and environmental benefits. Construction waste crusher manufacturers solve this problem.

The construction waste crusher currently has quite mature technology, and its function is gradually improved. In the past, construction waste needs to be pulled down to treat the construction waste around the city. However, there is already a construction waste crushing station that can be exploded in situ. The benefits can bring about the greatest reduction in transportation costs, thereby reducing the difficulty of recycling construction waste.

The current construction waste crusher has the same crushing capacity as gravel production and ore crushing. It is easy for the crushing of construction waste. What needs to be improved is how four-line maneuvering is flexible and clean and environmentally friendly because construction waste is carried out in cities. Processing, if the equipment is not flexible enough will increase the equipment transport, installation time and cost issues, if the equipment is not environmentally friendly, secondary pollution such as noise and dust will directly affect people's normal work and life.

Our company's own equipment has a strong capacity for construction waste crusher, and it has a flexible body, clean and environmentally friendly protection measures, so that the construction waste crusher can play a huge role in the city's construction waste disposal without any equipment of the past. , And has produced huge social and economic benefits, not only solved the city construction waste, and beautified our urban environmental problems.


Construction waste is garbage generated during the demolition of a city. It can be converted into a treasure after processing with a construction waste crusher. Generally, construction waste can be treated in the following two ways.

First, the construction waste generated during the demolition of buildings, house decoration and renovation roads is transported to the treatment site by vehicles, and then manually recycled materials such as metal materials, wood-based materials and plastics are used in the construction waste. The sorting of materials is classified and directly provided to the corresponding company for processing.

The large pieces of waste concrete, waste bricks, marble and other materials in construction waste are broken up to a size that can be crushed by a crusher using a large breaker or crusher, generally less than 100 mm, and then pulverized to a building using a construction waste crusher. The required stones and sand are then sorted by multi-layer grading sieves into coarse stone, fine stone, coarse sand, fine sand, and muddy sand and other regenerated materials complying with the building standards. The production water adopts activated carbon reverse osmosis to purify the domestic sewage and recycle it, which can not only save water but also prevent the sewage from being discharged again to pollute the environment. Here are some details on how construction waste can be reused from the following points.

1. For waste wood construction waste, wood that has not been significantly damaged can be reused directly in the reconstruction of the building. Severely damaged wood components can be used as raw materials for wood-recycled boards or papermaking.

2. The asphalt mixture on the abandoned pavement can be directly used for recycling asphalt concrete in a proper proportion.

3, is the abandoned road concrete can be processed into recycled aggregate for the preparation of recycled concrete.

4, is scrap steel, scrap steel and other scrap metal materials can be directly reused or returned to processing.

5. It is the use of abandoned building concrete and abandoned masonry to produce coarse aggregate, which can be used to produce concrete of corresponding strength grade, mortar or building materials such as building blocks, wall panels and floor tiles. Coarse and fine aggregates can also be used in road pavement basement after adding curing materials.

6, the use of waste bricks to produce aggregates, can be used to produce recycled bricks, blocks, wall panels, floor tiles and other building materials products.

7. It is the residue soil that can be used for road construction, pile foundation filling, foundation foundation and so on.

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